At Blank Canvas we believe that everyone's an artist.

We bring you a fun, energetic environment and all the supplies needed for a perfect painting party.

Painting is our passion and we want to teach everyone! 

Our Mission

It’s All About Passion!

At Blank Canvas it is our desire to unleash the creative ability in everyone. We believe that everyone is an artist! Whether you attend a private party or a kid’s birthday party, the environment will be one of encouragement. Paintings are designed for all levels to bring a sense of success while the party attendee explores their creative side. We want everyone, at all levels, to find the confidence to explore art and above all, We want it to be FUN!

Painting with great friends and family is what we want everyone to experience!

Let’s get together and have some fun!

About the Talent

Connie Schuh

Connie Owner Blank Canvas

Connie Schuh is the grateful owner of Blank Canvas. She has always loved art and is delighted when someone also finds joy in it.

Her background includes a teaching credential for secondary education (from Wheaton College), working many years as a self employed bookkeeper and always exploring different art media.

Her passion is to live life fully aware of the beauty around her, to encourage people to live to their full potential, and to find joy every day. It is her firm belief that everyone is an artist at heart.