I love color.

I love putting colors next to each other to see whether I get a feeling of peace and harmony or a rush of excitement.  (I know that sounds silly but there it is.)  Turquoise with blue or turquoise with rusty orange – each pairing will play with your head in a different way.

Every year Pantone Color Institute chooses a color of the year.  Ultra Violet 18-3838 is the darling of 2018.  Purple and violet are made by mixing the stability of blue and the energy of red, and whereas purple is closer to red, violet is closer to blue.  Neither are very common in nature but when they are they can be used as a focal point or a calming background.  Purple and violet are most often associated with royalty, wisdom, mystery and spirituality.  According to surveys, 75% of pre-adolescent children prefer purple over other colors; adults either love it or hate it.  The bluer tones in violet have a calming, peaceful affect, putting me in a thoughtful frame of mind.   It’s the color of California mountains at sunset, warm and dusty grapes, hydrangeas and lavender, sapphires and amethysts.  When I give purple paint to people who have never painted before, many of them will paint the backgrounds and mention how calming painting is…I agree but I think the color has something to do with the feelings.

This year be a little daring and experiment with violet, whether at paint night or wearing a new shirt.  See if you feel royal and wise or thoughtful and mysterious.  Introduce this year’s color to your friends by booking a mobile paint party with Blank Canvas.  The painting I’ve attached is one I did last year to bring a little calm into my schedule.  I call it Peace (notice the violets and blues).

Happy coloring!