You’ll need seven acrylic paint colors: yellow, green, orange, white, blue, purple, black




  1. With a horizontal canvas and small brush paint one large tree trunk on the right side and two tree trunks on the left side. Add three skinnier trees on left and two on right.
  2. Find the center point on left side of canvas and paint the horizon line about three finger widths above it. Sketch in mountains above horizon, varying heights from one inch to almost three inches.  For sky, paint white and add blue to blend.  Let dry.
  3. Paint mountains blue mixed with purple and a little white.
  4. Below horizon in a four-inch band, paint white near the mountains and add yellow, gradually just painting yellow and then yellow with a little orange.
  5. Start adding green to blend with lower edge of yellow and then paint green all the way down to the bottom of the canvas.
  6. When sky is dry, add white clouds through center of sky.
  7. When ground is dry, paint over yellow section with dabbing brush strokes with yellow, then white and then a little yellow mixed with orange near the green area to look like trees in the distance. Then dab yellow/orange in green in to look like trees/bushes. 
  8. Paint trees with blue/purple/white to make light bluish tree trunks. Add darker blue/purple/white on lower third of trunks in horizontal strokes to look like bark.  Add darker color on left side of trees for shadows and with black/white/blue add birch lines. 
  9. With small brush add a few dark gray saplings.
  10. Outline parts of trees with dark bluish gray and a few areas of white on right side of some of the trees.
  11. Paint a rock with black at lower left side of canvas in front of smaller trees and behind large tree. Add darker gray/blue to top of rock for highlights.
  12. Paint edges of canvas and sign your name.


See how fun and easy painting is?  Just take a step by step approach and add layers as you go.  You’ll be surprised how good your painting is!