Most of my days are filled with mundane To-Do lists centered around me.  But my lists get blown away when I get a glimpse of life outside my bubble: flying into Los Angeles over thousands of homes, housing millions of people; realizing that I am only one person in my town of 128,000 in a country of 319 million people which is only 4% of the world’s population; and this enormous earth is only a speck in the Universe where it’s estimated that 100 billion stars are born and die each year.  My mind can’t fathom the enormity of creation and its continuing evolution.

Genesis and Psalms speak of galaxies:

“He (God) made the stars…and calls them each by name…he commanded and they were created.  He set them in place forever and ever.”


This painting, “In The Beginning” is my response to a reality that I can’t comprehend but accept.  The powerful hand that started and is still creating belongs to a loving God who knows and cares about me, even when my vision is myopic and self-centered.