We were all born to be creative; learning to walk and communicate with others, experimenting and interacting with our environment is essentially being creative.  Art is the arrangement and rearrangement of our environment.  Music, painting, dance, sculpture, decorating, and gardening are all examples of art and creativity.  But what makes us shy away from this exploration?

When I lead children in painting a picture, the younger ones have no hesitation in shoveling the paint on the canvas and take delight in mixing all the colors together.  By the age of seven, students begin to ask, “Is this right?  Am I doing a good job?  Show me how to do it.”  I believe they have accepted and are living the fear that they might fail.  And as a person becomes an adult, he or she is still hampered by the thought of failing.  Many have bought into the lie that art is a reflection of their self-worth and are afraid to risk looking stupid or inadequate.  But once a person can push through that to paint or dance or sing, he or she will feel the freedom and excitement of creativity.  A creative person will try new things-experiment in finding new ways around problems-be surprised by what emerges.  Life can get exciting.

We can survive in a world without art and only being surrounded by the essentials for existence.  But art goes past our basic needs: it brings joy and this alone elevates it into the fundamental category of Life.  Art creates an atmosphere of joyful living.  The art we surround ourselves with-painting, sculpture, music, videos- impacts our outlook, mood, motivation and energy levels.  Art can be found and explored everywhere and is an essential element to life.  Art gives color to life.  Go out and create!